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This annual urban cycling festival will take place in Riga for 5 days and it will bring together hundreds of cycle messengers and city cyclists, city visitors, friends and supporters of participants from all over the world. In addition to being an important international event for finding the best cycle courier in the world, a special occasion for enthusiasts of sport, healthy and active lifestyle, this festival also popularizes the urban cycling culture, it is opportunity to see the new bike equipment, new inventory, to exchange experiences, and to make new friends. It is an opportunity for citizens of the city to come and see how a cycle messenger operates.

Riga is the city having been granted the honor of organizing the 26th Cycle Messenger World Championship in 2018. Given its scale, the high amount of expenditure is inevitable.

To contact us about sponsorship please use the contact form. We will also find it a pleasure to answer any questions and talk over our possible collaboration in person.

We are also looking for companies offering cycling friendly products or services, food catering, entertainment, music and art services for participants and visitors of CMWC.