The 26th Cycle Messenger World Championship will take place next summer in Riga, the capital city of Latvia. This international competition, which is also the world’s largest city cycling festival, brings together hundreds of cyclists and other active lifestyle enthusiasts from all over the world every year to test participants’ agility, speed, and strength in more than 10 different disciplines. Anyone interested in applying for membership can apply starting from today, up until the start of the championship.

The 26th Cycle Messenger World Championship in Riga will take place from August 22nd till the 26th in 2018. The Cycle Messenger Championship, bringing together more than 800 participants from more than 30 countries and several hundred local spectators and city guests, is the largest annual world cycling event for city cyclists – cyclists and other active lifestyle enthusiasts. The strongest and fastest cycle messengers will meet at the global competition in order to test their ability to perform the tasks most often encountered by couriers in their daily work.

The race is not only a major international championship for the world’s best cyclists and any other physically active, healthy lifestyle enthusiast, but it also provides an opportunity to become acquainted with the latest trends in cycling and cycling culture, as well as their impact on urban change in general.
“Anyone who supports the cycling culture can take part – they only need a bike, a helmet, and commitment! These will be the largest and most magnificent city cycling festival ever seen in Latvia”, said the representative of the “Cycle Messenger World Championship 2018” association and participant of several world and European cycling championships and vice champion, Jānis Belecks. “We expect representatives not only from Europe and the USA, but also from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, and Taiwan!”

Participants will be able to compete not only in imitation messenger disciplines – main race and cargo race, but also in disciplines that are predominantly popular for fixed-gear bike owners, such as skid, footdown, backward circles, trackstand, and tricks. The competition program also now includes activities that have not happened in the world championships up until now, such as the catamaran riding competition in the Canal of Riga, rubber pulling, and bike lifting. Every evening, after the completion of the sports disciplines, participants and guests of the city will be able to enjoy the cultural and entertainment program. Participants can register via the internet starting from November this year to the start of the event.

The Championship participants and volunteer form can be filled out on the competition website. You can find out more about events, disciplines, and news on the website, as well as on the social networking profiles of the championship on Facebook and Instagram.

The 26th World Cycle Messenger Championship 2018 is organized by the “World Cycle Messenger Championship 2018” Association and the Latvian Cycling Association.