The Sister City Cat is a community organised event that is held each year in order to raise money for the host city of the Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC). Each year the city that previously hosted the CMWC makes sure the Sister City Cat is run again and therefore keeps the event, and aid to the next host city, going. Cities that agree to take part in the event are paired up with another city, their sister city.

They usually try to organise an alleycat on the same day in their respective cities, and before the race they mail each other messenger and bike related gear, or other goods unique to their city as prizes. Often times sister cities will discuss themes and ideas to link the races even further.

The main goal is to raise money from the races, other side events, and fundraising ideas that the cities come up with. As an incentive to raise as much as possible the event often tries to provide a plane ticket to the next CWMC, and host cities are entered into a raffle with the number of tickets in the hat related to the dollar amount raised.

In 2019 CMWC 2018 Riga team is trying to get some funds for CMWC Jakarta.


To register your city send your registration fee of 10 EUR via PayPal and complete the form.
Cut off date for registration is April 17, 2019. Please use the following link.

ALL money raised including this registration fee goes to CMWC Jakarta 2019.


1. Why is there a registration fee if we are sending you all our money anyway?
Unfortunately, some cities in the past have registered for the event we were then unable to contact them and their races never went ahead. We hope a small registration fee will deter any cities that get caught up in the excitement but end up flaking.

2. Is this event only for messengers?
No. Just like the CMWC this event is open to anyone who: rides bikes, likes bikes, likes bikers, drinks beer, parties, makes love, and enjoys life.

3. How do I get involved?
Easy. Register your city through the link. Cut off date for registration is April 17, 2019.
To register your city send your registration fee of 10 EUR via PayPal.

4. Where does the money go?
All the money goes to Jakarta CMWC organisers who are free to use it to organise their event as they see fit.

5. Are there any rules?
Do whatever you like so long as it is not heinously illegal. Make sure everyone has a good time. All events must be completed, and money donated into the CMWC Riga account via PayPal by June 30, 2019. We will be tallying results, nagging folks and making sure that all the money comes in because the folks in Jakarta have enough to deal with.

Money can be raised from race funds, from merch sales, beer sales, raffles, tickets to a fundraiser show… basically, anything is on the table, as long as there’s some kind of race involved. Remember, the more money you earn, the better chance your city has of winning the ticket, so get creative. You have plenty of time.

6. Are there any prizes?
There is EURO €800 dollars towards a plane ticket to the Jakarta CMWC. Every city that puts a race on gets one ticket into the draw. For every EURO €200 your city raises, you get another ticket into the draw. One ticket is blindly pulled out of the hat, and the name on that ticket is the winning city. Random, but you can increase your chances substantially. Prizes for the event are provided by your sister city! Each city should collect miscellaneous messenger memorabilia, things your city/country are known for, waybills, stickers, etc. and ship them to their sister city. Shipping costs can be big, so these can be deducted from the amount your city raises. Money can only be spent on a plane ticket to the CMWC.

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