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About Riga

Riga is the capital of Latvia, situated on the shore of the Baltic Sea. We invite you to enjoy the Old town, relax on the beaches of Riga and take a boat along the river Daugava and its canals. The medieval and Art Nouveau buildings, impressive monuments, green parks and fantastic marketplace are attractive for tourists as they reflect the different centuries and countries under the control of which it has been – the Soviet Union, the Kingdom of Sweden, the Germany etc. More information at https://www.liveriga.com/en/.

Riga is the city having been granted the honor of organizing the 26th Cycle Messenger World Championship in a very special year for all Latvians. On 18 November 2018 we will celebrate Latvia’s centenary. And this championship in 2018 is our involvement in the great celebration!
We invite everyone to enjoy Latvian traditional dishes – peas with bacon, bread soup, sweetened rye trifle, bacon stuffed rolls and drinks – kvass, beer, Riga Black Balsam. There are plenty of entertainment places in Riga – nightclubs, cafes, cultural and sporting events, hostels and hotels. Most young people can speak English.