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About the 26th Cycle Messenger World Championship

Video: COLORTIME (https://www.facebook.com/colortimeteam/)

What is the Cycle Messenger Championship?

The Cycle Messenger World Championship is the largest international urban cycling competition and cycling culture development forum. The Cycle Messenger World Championship is the largest annual international cycle messenger competition and urban cycling culture event for city cyclists lasting 5 days.

Each year it gathers more than 800 the best professionals from around the world, up to 5000 spectators and tens of photographers. The event is open not only to cycle messengers but also to everyone who wants to explore the latest tendencies in the cycle messenger work and in urban cycling culture.

Everybody is welcomed to challenge their skills, agility, endurance, velocity in 13 disciplines. Besides 6 culture events are planned, as well as two open forums during which the next organizing country and team will be elected. The championship is a cycling culture development forum as well, during which the participants and spectators exchange their experience and learn about the newest tendencies in cycle messenger and urban cycling culture from all over the world. The culture and entertainment program includes exhibitions, shows, concerts, karaoke and film screening.

The disciplines at the CMWC

Main race –  a simulation of cycle messenger work. The goal is to deliver the goods in the fastest way by choosing the best route while maintaining a good quality of the service. The total number of pickups and deliveries or “drop-offs” is unknown to the messengers before the race, but it can reach up to 100 stops and usually takes between 3–4 hours to complete.

Cargo race – a similar competition as the main race delivering larger goods on cargo bikes.

Backward circles – the competition requires cyclists to pedal backwards inconsistent and consecutive circles. The cyclist who can complete the most backward circles is the winner.

Sprint – the competition requires to cycle along linear 150-200 m path without interruption. The fastest cyclist wins.

Track stand – the event in which cyclists try to maintain a stationary position as long as possible while being on a bicycle.

Skid – the competition consists of cyclists attempting to create the longest skid. Participants toward a starting line then lock up their back wheel to initiate the skid.

Gold Sprint – the participants compete on stationary bikes against each other in front of spectators.

Tricks – a competition for the best acrobatic tricks on a bike.

This video from the Nordic Cycle Messenger Championship 2017 shows different disciplines and the ambience in the competition. Enjoy!

The locations of the CMWC 2018

The history of the CMWC

The idea of organizing the first Cycle Messenger World Championship was first conceived by bike messengers Achim Beier and Stefan Klessman. With the support of American colleagues, they overcame many obstacles such as closing traffic and organized the first Cycle Messenger championship in 1993 in Berlin which gathered 500 participants. Since then new disciplines related to urban cycling have been added. Each year the world championship is organized by a team of messengers from a different country.

The Cycle Messenger World Championship Map

  • North America: 1995 Toronto, Canada; 1996 San-Francisco, USA; 1998 Washington, USA; 2000 Philadelphia, USA; 2003 Seattle, USA; 2004 Edmonton, Canada; 2005 New-York, USA; 2008 Toronto, Canada; 2012 Chicago, USA; 2017 Montreal, Canada
  • Central America: 2010 Panajachel, Guatemala; 2014 Mexico City, Mexico
  • Europe: 1993 Berlin, Germany; 1994 London, UK; 1997 Barcelona, Spain; 1999 Zurich, Switzerland; 2001 Budapest, Hungary; 2002 Copenhagen, Denmark; 2007 Dublin, Ireland; 2011 Warsaw, Poland; 2013 Lausanne, Switzerland; 2016 Paris, France; 2018 Riga, Latvia
  • Australia: 2006 Sydney, Australia; 2015 Melbourne, Australia
  • Asia: 2009 Tokyo, Japan