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BC Hellsinki is happy to warm you up for CMWC2018 Riga. What you need to know is that you are very much welcome to shred our cobbles and get together with messfam during the weekend. Sunday we shall hoist our colors and sail towards unknown shores of Tallinn, to loot and burn our way to Riga.

Tallinn -Pärnu 184km
45km Rummu prison
80km Risti village/ town, shops
125km Lihula, small gas station
184km Jõekääru campsite

Pärnu – LImbazi 139km
248km Border between Eesti and Latvia
250km Ainazu, gas station, super liquor store!!
306km Limbazi shops
323km Meza Salas campsite

Limbazi – Riga 82km
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