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Special offers

‘Cafe Leningrad’ – Soviet-style cafe with food, booze and punk-rocknroll Kr.Valdemāra iela 4
Beer ‘Piebalga’ 0,5 L for 2,50 €
Rocket Bean Roastery’ – offers freshly roasted specialty coffee, refreshing drink, fair and healthy food, made of finest ingredients Miera iela 29/31 Dzirnavu iela 39
1. 15 % discount for Aeropress coffee brewing gadget, when purchasing OMNI ROAST or any other specialty coffee. 2. 20 % discount in our cafes – for all the participants of the event. 3. Set “Labietis beer 0,33 + own made onion rings with blue cheese sauce and pak choi salad” – 5 eur
Ezītis Miglā’ (Hedgehog in the Fog) – café/bar chain offers tasty food, marvellous cocktail and cosy and warm atmosphere at all its branches Palasta iela 9 Aldaru iela 12/14
Avotu iela 30
Laboratorijas iela 11 Mārupes iela 2
Brīvības iela 350a
20 % off for all main courses
Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs’ – offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and some culture, too Skolas iela 15
10 % off all drinks
Alķīmiķis’ (Alchemist) – loves the idea that they are chemicking beer themselves. Alchemists turn lead into gold, they turn water into beer Lāčplēša iela 12
Three beers for the price of two
Labietis – a craft beer bar with modern beer styles and unusual pagan experiments with herbs, spices and fruit A. Briāna iela 9a-2
Beer costs one price category lower (ask the barkeeper)
Autentika – great beer and delicious food, awesome vibes and urban oasis in the middle of city centre Bruņinieku iela 2
Beer ‘Piebalgas Mednieku light’ 0,5 L for 2,50 €
Brūklene Shop – offers freshly roasted coffee from Rocket Bean and beer brewed by Alķīmiķis, as well as, strong and less strong drinks Kr. Barona iela 104
30 % off for all coffee drinks
Large size shoes shop ‘Apavi 40+’ – offers big size shoes for men (46-53) and women (40-46), bags, shoe care products, shoelaces, socks, tights, insoles, comfort pads and other accessories Kr. Valdemāra iela 38 (Entrance from Ģertrūdes iela). www.apavi40plus.lv

10 % off all full price shoes, bags and other accessories

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